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Other Iranian stealth fighters...

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16689814
02/02/2013 11:58 PM
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Other Iranian stealth fighters...
here is a pic of Irans first officialy announced stealth aircraft in early 2000s and designed by a women engineer: [link to forums.patoghu.com]

Here is a drawing of it: [link to upload.wikimedia.org]

Also here is a pic of fly tsting of Irans first stealthy UCAV that has entered service recently: [link to img52.imageshack.us]

Here is the diagram of it: [link to en.wikipedia.org]

There are also other stealthy ultra advance fighter and bomber projects being worked on.

[link to www.iraniandefence.com]

C&P (Translated)
Iranian fighter project 'AURORA'
The fighter project "Aurora" after the command of the Supreme Leader's of self-sufficiency by the Ministry of Defense and armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to invest and to the efforts of University of Ashtar was designed on the design features of the aircraft very radargrizi about it because the body designers of radar absorbent material, the Aurora made the ability to create waves of RCS of less than a square meters to the fighter.
To report security-defense, reporters Club "Aurora" is the first native plane stealth aircraft that is making the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2007 as the country's air force fleet.

The Islamic Republic of Iran to arrange after France, the United States and China is the fourth country that is stealth fighter and "Aurora" powerful radar camouflage 92% the third fighter in the world in terms of Anti-radar camouflage.
Shafaq was designed initially for training the pilots, but after some human decisions on this basis was that the type of fighter that was also produced.

This fighter training in three kinds of double, double and single Fighter fighter design.

Project Aurora after the Decree of the Supreme Leader's of self-sufficiency by the Ministry of Defense and armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran to invest and to the efforts of the academic complex (Aviation University Complex) that follows a series of Ashtar University, was designed.

Testing the project in cooperation with the expert group and the designer of Iran and the Russian Federation (20 Sukhoi design expert and Mikoyan plants) database entirely as a series of remote air force of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

First introduced in 2002 and in the fighter Aurora Aviation industries of Iran exhibition occurred in which the exhibition is an example of this aircraft in the dimensions of the actual display.

In 2004, as well as the Islamic Republic of Iran and the House of a typical real dimensions of this aircraft. In this example the changes relative to the ac-130 was seen as likely to reach supersonic speed for the plane posed.

According to some statements that lights the next sample design involves a lot of reforms in the wings, Jet engine and radar systems as well as more advanced in years, to the fleet of the air delivered to the country.

Radargrizi features in the design of the aircraft is highly regarded designers of it has been because of radar absorbent materials, Aurora body waves (radar absorbing materials) are made when the ability to make RCS of less than a square meters to the fighter.

This is a stealth fighter with a wingspan and length of 10.48 height 4.26 m 10.45 and of vehicle body design is a bit similar to tipik f/a-22 Raptor fighter.

Empty weight and its maximum takeoff weight Aurora 4.361 4.900 kg and the maximum speed is Mach 2.5 fighter (2,300 km/h) which is due to the speed of the scrolling of a maki (1,150 km/h) and much of its high speed capability and 16750 highs (110 m/s), the fighter of its kind to become partly humanitarian jangandhai in NATO classification experts from among the hundreds of fighters in the world, ranking V.

The design of much more of the Aurora area of the root ball is the tip of the wings (the wings of the qifi figure) that this would cause to the fighter in dogfight (DOG FIGHT) their angle of attack speed towards goal, as well as to the reason for its ability to design a special body-wrap, ghltsh and manurpziri lights are greatly increased.

Aurora has seven different positions to carry weapons, and the type of structure used in it is a good idea to allow the carrying of an Iranian bomb, and also to the ground and the air hoabahhwa kinds of bombs with laser navigation to these aircraft.

Aurora has a 3 position carry weapons fighter under each wing and one position below the fuselage and the cockpit is also the triple LCD screens of digital system and ionic HOTAS and enjoys the ability to cause the HUD use less than analog monitors.

This monitors which form series and put together, because the control page contains features designed to intercept the suspected radar, management of the weapons available in electronic control systems for Defense, fighter for use in battles and also guidance system of missiles and firing control and a variety of American radar or laser-guided to this fighter.

In terms of aerodynamic tabs in the twilight of a fighter and for the performance of any sharp refused, what better than a conventional teknolozihai has also been used as LERX. For the initial two models based on the Aurora engine, turbofan, J-85 was considered but later plans were, of course, still a engined on the changes of the two engines were Aurora kloof Rd-33 or J-79 that ultimately the engine J-79 due to problems in the hamsazi with the body of the program is removed.

In the system of emergency exit seats inbound also K36-D Russian ammunition used and the valve instead of the lights coming down, the fighter up and inside is a fighter rather than a lack of this feature, causing it to become apparent when firing or bombardment and camouflage more Aurora.

Because the speed of the missile in this fighter is just 0.0001 seconds shown on the radar rocket plane and the percentage of successful missions the fighter because the accuracy of the most radarhai in the world on the rocket jet set, is very high.

This type of radar AN\AWG-9 fighter and is also capable of firing missiles, Sparrow, and also the b-side vander Iranian series R Russian including R-73 and an Iranian KH-29, along with rocket tlvizioni Maverick, a valuable ability to this versatile fighter in battles.

There are also others such as Iranian LION fighter nd several others.