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Subject I just talked to a Judge in the UK. It's all True. Police,Courts,Parliament=Corporations NO CONTRACT!
Poster Handle Physicist
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I just had an informal chat with an acquaintance whom I have known for about 4 years. He is a JP (low-level judge).

He admitted to me that it is true:
Police are corporations
Courts are corporations.

You as a human being are subject to common law. If you do not contract with the state or its' agents you are not subject to statute law. Only the Legal PERSON is subject to statute law.

Legal PERSON = not you as a human being.
Registration=Surrender of your rights to something.

They like to put people using this info "in Contempt of Court" but cannot do it if you do not recognise the authority of the court. Very important, -- they use tricks to make you recognise that authority like getting you to answer your FULL NAME, or getting you to stand when the judge enters.

All very intriguing, and I heard it from a judge.
We need to get organisized, people!!!
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