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RE: sandy hook not an operating school? video.....

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United States
02/03/2013 12:26 PM
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RE: sandy hook not an operating school? video.....
[link to www.youtube.com]

I've posted in the original thread regarding sandy hook being a non operating school, that the images she is talking about, appear to me to be possibly taken on a day or at a time when the school was not in session. In bing maps there are 2 views that can be selected from. These are "birds eye" and "aerial". I believe in birds eye view there are indeed NO cars or buses at the school but if you change the view to aerial, there is indedeed a lot full of busses and cars. I then went to the middle school and compared the 2 views there and though there are vehicles in both, you can see that they are different (number, color, positions) images indicating that 2 views of the same spot don't have to be taken at the same time. IDK why you wouldn't get both images on the same pass but maybe someone more familliar with sattelite maps can explain that. As much as I feel it in my bones that sandy hook is a hoax or psy-op, I can't say that this video proves that the school was not operational. Maybe someone out there can get the metadata off of the pictures in the different views and determine time/day/date. I sure as hell don't know how to.

User ID: 1470182
02/03/2013 07:13 PM
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Re: RE: sandy hook not an operating school? video.....
Good on you for reassessing your evidence, it's important to put things in perspective.

I too had a suspicion that Sandy hook was not an operating school for some period prior to the fake shooting, it certainly didn't have hundreds of students on the day of the "shooting", but I can't find enough evidence to make a convincing case. I find some of the evidence compelling that it was a real school, and some compelling that it wasn't.

Some weakish evidence is...

*Discrepancies over whether it should be Dickenson or Dickinson Dr.

*Figures of student numbers ranging from 450 (wiki) to nearly 700 from the principal, this is a huge discrepancy where there should be no confusion. (it's hard to reference this because they have info on the new school now)

*Some of the photos look staged, like this one which shows a courtyard with a few students in it, the courtyard should either be full(recess) or empty(class time), but more damning is the little tree stumps at the bottom of the photo, that is never allowed in schools because it's a trip hazard.

[link to newtown.sandyhook.schooldesk.net]

*If you go to google satellite maps you will see a tarp covering something on the paved area between the playground and the school...

[link to maps.google.com.au (secure)]

..Then if you look at videos of the "shooting" you will see the tarp is still there, this is another trip hazard that is just not allowed, if there are repairs going on then it should be roped off, and if it is a functioning school then it would be very unusual to have a tarp covering a footpath area for a long period.(I don't have time to reference a vid)

*The drill tweeted by the principal is a completely nonsensical one, if Sandy Hook was a real school it should have had a proper evacuation procedure. We're told it is of the annual evacuation drill, but if we look at where the children are assembled we see they are outside the fire station (not the main building but the separate building a bit further down dickinson (or dickenson) dr), I have searched all photo's extensively and this is the only building and area I find compatible, it has the pitched roof, the small hill in background, the ashphalt, and the upright posts outside the building.

[link to static4.businessinsider.com]

The problem with the drill is that it is completely unrealistic to have a school evacuation drill where you not only have to walk small children hundreds of meters to the evacuation point, but also to get to the evacuation point the 600 children have to walk up the same road emergency vehicles will be racing down to get to the fire or other emergency (with not even a footpath). A proper evac procedure would never hinder emergency vehicles or put kids in danger from them.

So why are we being fed a photo of a completely fake drill scenario? Was it a practice drill specifically for the fake shooting?