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Message Subject women who ran obamas social security number thru everify and exposed him to not be eligeble to work in the U.S gets fined $13,000 for doing it...
Poster Handle beeches
Post Content
How many of you opinionated posters have ever worked with E-verify?

How many of you have ever done any research into the use and abuse of Social Security numbers?

I'll bet none of you.

That makes me very different from you.

This woman did nothing wrong.

obama apologists, you have no defense for his crimes, so you attack the people who find them.

From many official sources, including everify, he has a suspicious social security number.

For the oblame-o lovers here, for starters: his number is a Connecticut number issued to a person who was born in 1890.

many of the oldest SS numbers were issued to people born in that time frame.

If you are going to steal a number, it is nice to steal one from someone who is certainly dead, and whose children are certainly dead.
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