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Message Subject women who ran obamas social security number thru everify and exposed him to not be eligeble to work in the U.S gets fined $13,000 for doing it...
Poster Handle beeches
Post Content
Let me give you another example. If you need a social security number,

Like let's say you do not have an American birth certificate

you get a deceased person's number. Many people neglect when their parents die to make sure their number is registered in the Master Death File.

It's especially easy if an obituary lists birth date and city of the deceased. You have name of the deceased, often the mother's maiden name, birthplace, birth date all in one tidy package.

So you get a number. An SS number consists of the:

area number (first three digits)

group number (second two)

and for the life of me, I cannot recall the term for the last 4 digits right now.

An area number lets you know the geographic location of where the number was issued. In my area, it used to be **1, but now it has grown to **2.

Just like a zip code, though, it tells you where and approxiamtely when the number was issued.

The group number is varied, but similar for any one group of numbers issued in one place and time.

The last 4 numbers are pretty much consecutive.

Back when I applied at age 16 to get an SS number, you went to the post office and it was pretty much a notebook of applications. You got whichever sheet was next to fill out
(they were consecutive).
You filled it out and the number at the top was the number you received.

It was probably that way when Barry Soetoro got his too.
Only funny, none of his books mention him living in Connecticut at the time he got his number.

Funny thing, though, his grandmother worked in Hawaii in an office (according to his books) that had access to death records.

Now that is not hard, is it?
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