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you are not your associations to things...

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02/03/2013 08:14 PM
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you are not your associations to things...
you are energy having a human experience. That's what this is all about. The same energy that is in you is in everything around you in different form. We are taught to neglect certain things and accept others. The truth of it is, we all are trying to get back to the balance. balance is source and source is what everything is reporting back to. We simply don't get how many different messengers and tones are being sent to and from everything because we simply don't sit still enough to notice. Some of us are comfortable with who we are and don't doubt. That tends to leave your energy field up to block all the leaching. But the leaching has a purpose as it is also trying to complete it's journey to go back to source. All the duality is going back to the point of collision. When we tell ourselves the truth, we are going to points of collision in our lives and fixing them. You can't do anything about your past. You can only do better for your future. And the future has to be all inclusive, otherwise you are keeping everything from going back home. I believe this is the riddle of life that we must learn at some point. Love is not about picking and choosing, Love is about knowing who you are and that you are the same material as everything around you, but your energy that powers you is different. You are not your skin, you are not your gender, you are not your genetic make up. All of those things are codes, factors, products of design that all are coded and send messages to and fro. Everything has a function and a purpose. If you consider the purpose of your life to be for the greater good of everything you have to make rules. History simply is disinfo. All of it, every bit. Why? Because there's too much to consider. We simply don't think big enough. Perhaps that is why we miss the message.

Just thinking through my fingers.
"a foundation built on lies is always bound to crumble and those who aren't humble shall tumble to the earth"