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Li Rich Stars

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02/03/2013 11:22 PM
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Li Rich Stars
So let me put this to you:

A couple of years ago science discovered a variety of stars that were rich in Lithium, these have become known as Lithium Rich Stars, and there are roughly 20 of them.

Of these, at least nine can be re-classed as Lithium Normal giants.

The abundance of Lithium in these stars is strange because "Lithium is generally present in brown dwarfs and not in low-mass stars. Stars, which by definition must achieve the high temperature (2.5 × 106 K) necessary for fusing hydrogen, rapidly deplete their lithium." ( [link to en.wikipedia.org]

Only low mass stars burn lithium, and only at the beginning of their lifecycles.

Yet strangely some old stars are abundant in Lithium, and for this study I am going to use a star studied in the star cluster Messier 4, where "one of the stars in a recent survey was also found to have much more of the rare light element lithium than expected. The source of this lithium is mysterious. Normally this element is gradually destroyed over the billions of years of a star’s life, but this one star amongst thousands seems to have the secret of eternal youth. It has either somehow managed to retain its original lithium, or it has found a way to enrich itself with freshly made lithium." ( [link to scitechdaily.com]

But the nature of this anomaly?

If you google "Lithium Rich Stars" (without the quotations) you'll find remarkably little information on such a startling find. A star that has discovered how to replenish its lithium? Why isn't this being more widely covered?

All I've been able to find is some "scholarly articles" attempting to debunk the fact that they even exist!

Why is this?

Now, this is hypothetical, but humour me here.

An advanced and long lived species inhabits a solar system.

The distances between stars is vast, making it unconventional at best to move an entire species from one system to the next in the event of a supernova. Add to that the fact that you exist in a globular cluster outside of the galaxy and that many of the stars in your cluster are aging as well and you have a rather large problem.

But what if you could rejuvenate your star? Or, perhaps more specifically, what if you could refuel it, and at a phase of its life where said fuel would last a VERY long time.

Lithium is normally burnt out early in a stars life because of the high temperature of the star. When it reaches the red giant phase, the temperature has cooled significantly, making it an ideal phase for burning Lithium.

Don't you think that to a highly advanced (we're talking millions of years old) civilization such a thing would be possible and would consume less energy than moving an entire species out of a large area of space in which life may one day become impossible? That is without intervention.

Think about it