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The 34 Min Darkness At The Super Bowl Proves Something

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United States
02/03/2013 11:59 PM
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The 34 Min Darkness At The Super Bowl Proves Something
The power outage at the Super Bowl proves, on the largest of stages, the illusion isn't sustainable forever. What used to be flickers is now full outages. With the recent "shootings" the mass public is beginning to see something is wrong. Things just don't add up. As we all know their illusions are so obvious lately and they don't seem to even try anymore. The time is now for everything to crumble. I hope the people and families that are good, make it through.

This also means some good. The powers that be are somewhat struggling. Like I said, what used to take them seconds to get right, now takes them more then half an hour. So I think many of us are now fully awake and even more, are at least starting to question.

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