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message from ebay-help stop internet tax

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 26548545
United States
02/04/2013 03:09 AM
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message from ebay-help stop internet tax
just got the message, senator durbin "dick" pushing new sales tax, they just never stop, for once im happy with ebay, they sent link to contact and make your voice heard,
heres the email

For many years, large national retailers and many state tax collectors have hoped for new Internet sales tax collection policy. They want Congress to pass a federal law that would allow tax agents from one state to enforce their sales tax laws on retailers based in other states, even when a business is based thousands of miles away. eBay Inc. opposes this misguided idea, and believes that small businesses selling via the Internet should only be subject to the tax laws of the states in which they operate.

The news from Capitol Hill is clear. Internet sales tax supporters are convinced that 2013 is their year, and they are determined to pass a new Internet sales tax bill when Congress tackles "corporate tax reform." In December, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the sponsor of Internet sales tax legislation, publicly announced that he had a commitment from the Senate Finance Committee to "take it up early next year and move it to the floor."

Your opinion matters. If you oppose giving state tax collectors new powers to impose and enforce out-of-state sales tax burdens on small businesses that sell via the Internet, now is the time to make your voice heard. Click here to send an email to your Members of Congress and express your opposition to state tax collectors imposing unfair tax burdens on small businesses.

Thank you for helping to keep the Internet a fair and open marketplace for all.