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Message Subject WHAT the FUCK is the POINT?!?
Poster Handle lupa14714
Post Content
I grew up in a very RICH family I just turned 21 and got 20 million dollars from my parents to spend on whatever the fuck I want but I don't want anything NOTHING ZILCH. I don't want to go to university because why the fuck would I? The only thing that I like is helping people and talking to The Lord. I'm thinking of moving out of the manor but I don't want to buy or rent some fucking house. Money is fucked because without it apparently some people die. Like why the fuck? Everything is just fucked in this world!!
 Quoting: Quyoi

You expect us to believe that you talk to the Lord with a mouth like that? You'll know them by their fruits. You may speak to Him, but He doesn't speak back.
 Quoting: cmoG530

so you can judge what type of person is decent enough to God's love?your fucking way wrong and he does speak back.
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