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Message Subject Massive Historic Blizzard!!! 967 mb Major Nor'easter!!! Snow already making its way into Upstate NY...
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Some times I have to wonder why you all make a big thing out of this??? I lived in Maine most of my life time what you guys call lots of snow is a drop in the bucket. Gosh get a freaken life. It's Maine for crying out loud we are use to 5 feet of snow in any storm, and we also are use to -40 degree temps, so please don't make a big thing about it. I have seen 3 feet of snow fall on Thanksgiving day. Don't worry Maniacs know how to cope. People in upper NY state know how to cope with it believe me, it happens every single year. Been that way ever since people have lived there.
 Quoting: pmb1

Yes, natives typically fare well, however less and less people know how to drive in it, making it deadly for everyone on the road, or how to deal with power outages. If they can't flick a switch, or turn a knob and get heat and and water, this could be devastating.

Here in upstate NY, we've been known to go for weeks without power due to a storm like this, and thanks to people like Luis, at least those that have yet to adapt, (and there are many !!)have the heads up.

Thanks again Luis.
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