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Message Subject Massive Historic Blizzard!!! 967 mb Major Nor'easter!!! Snow already making its way into Upstate NY...
Poster Handle abeliever
Post Content
I hope that means it will bring some seasonal snow!

Really missing a nice snow storm, Luis.

 Quoting: abeliever

Geeezzzzzzzzzz freaky tastes!hiding
 Quoting: Luisport

Luis, I'm from Boston. We are used to snow! The only time I actually feared the snow was during the blizzard of '78 when we got about 3 feet. It wasn't the accumulation that was problem, it was the intensity whereby the highway crews just couldn't keep up with the rate of snow falling. As long as you are off the roads and out of harms way, you're good.

I remember shoveling my car out of a parking space and went to get in it to drive home and was alarmed by the fact that the snow and drifting snow had completely filled back in whatever I had shoveled... I was scary. I knew I had to take side roads home, so I could get into a shop if the roads became impossible. I knew then the highways were not the choice to make.

Back in that '78 blizzard people didn't believe the forecasts and were complacent because they are used to snow, plus the system stalled off the coast which really complicated things. You must give yourself time to get to a safe place. It was sad to see people tried to commute on the highways when they were being told not too on every radio station. People died because of that. It's common sense. When they're telling you they can't keep up with the storm and to get off the highways, just do it. They mean it. Really.
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