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Message Subject Massive Historic Blizzard!!! 967 mb Major Nor'easter!!! Snow already making its way into Upstate NY...
Poster Handle Luisport
Post Content
Joe Bastardi‏@BigJoeBastardi

2 ft bullseye over Boston. In fact except for having to drop south acc s 50 miles,this looks darn good from earlier [link to twitter.com]

5 hJoe Bastardi‏@BigJoeBastardi

Thats right its further WEST and colder. Remember storms draw cold air toward them too, not just warmer air.More intense, more focus nr ctr

5 hJoe Bastardi‏@BigJoeBastardi

Very nervous about Lindsay storm scenario nyc.. also was supposed to have rain cut acc. -8C5k isotherm last 6 hrs of snow means high ration

5 hJoe Bastardi‏@BigJoeBastardi

ECMWF colder and further west than old run with 12-18 inches now nyc. [link to Weatherbell.com] still positioned in middle of NYC options (4-8)

6 hJoe Bastardi‏@BigJoeBastardi

Alot of warm water off east coast for explosive development [link to twitter.com]
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