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Message Subject Is the MSM done with the lies? Are they rebelling against their handlers?
Poster Handle allisaTX
Post Content
[link to books.google.com.au]

Look at page 498 in this book " The Art and Science of Digital Compositing: Techniques for Visual Effects ..."
By Ron Brinkmann

They show a Foster's beer commercial. Only 50 extra's were used to create the entire field of extra's. It is amazing what can be done now with green screens.

There is a youtube video that shows CNN's studio B (for authorized personnel only)....search digital studio can on youtube...

I was a msm news junkie the weekend of 10/10/10 and I remember how odd the news anchors were behaving for a few days. They were all wearing black as if in mourning, some had their hair out of place, comments were made like "wow was that a real car crash? I have not seen one that wasn't staged in years"....it was like they all became truthful and told it exactly like it is....It was around the time...that one hispanic guy was fired on CNN don't remember his name, and when the border guard was killed.

I think they were all just done with it.

Maybe Sandy Hook has been so obviously botched because they are on OUR side?

Think about it. If you were a news reporter, even a well paid anchor, and had to put up with this crap what would you do if you were all really tired of it? You would expose it this way, but doing a very bad editing job. It would have to be big and involve a lot of employees...and wake up a lot of the public.

I think this is a reasonable explanation for this Sandy Hook circus.
 Quoting: allisaTX

what lies motherfucker bamas been straight as a arrow thas why he got reelected redistribute take fum the rich folk give ta da poor.
 Quoting: obamalover

You need to work on your stealth Ebonics....this just will not do here on GLP
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