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Message Subject Is the MSM done with the lies? Are they rebelling against their handlers?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

No. AB was at the anchor desk in Atlanta. She went to Victor who appeared to be there. Or not. He could have been making phone calls for all I know and not getting his "sources" to give him any answers.
And no, of course Blitzer and Cooper and any big name news person is not on the scene. They all use green screen reporting and actor pools to play "locals".
Do you ever see Nancy Grace out interviewing "the families" for her exploitation show? Nope.

But, that reminds me. That Jodi Arias trial is faked from all appearances. Fake court room (a set), fake storyline, fake murder case.
I think they are using it to pretend it's new "reality" TV news show.

I am starting to think that this is not the first either.
I have been going back to the Casey Anthony trial and the Trayvon Martin case thinking they are textbook examples of the new genre of TV. Fake murder cases and trials.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

Yes! I also believe the Travon and Anthony trials were fake. Anthony's was definitely mk ultra, prolly ritual generational incest, etc. Did ya see all the butterflies grandma was wearing (scarf, earrings, etc.) at the trial for triggering purposes. They even put butterfly on the t-shirts they had made. I did not even think of these things while watching parts of the trial but someone wrote of it or spot the butterflies and other signs until later.

I hope and pray these newscasters are becoming awake, even though most of them are mind controlled subjects. There are you tube videos of them babbling and going into trances while on air. I wish I could think of the gal's name on Fox who has early a.m. show, Robin someone I think. She actually went into a trance and drooled, then her eyes blinked (someone triggered her out of it) and she came back to 'normal', if you will.

Trayvon courtroom so obviously a fake courtroom, court personnel, etc.

So glad you mentioned these 2 "shows" as I thought I was all alone with that.
 Quoting: janica 32277734

Yay!! No, you are not alone, but the majority of people are not able to see through the veil of media fakery yet.
So we are relatively few in numbers.

Yeah, I remember Robin Meade falling in a trance.
The whole thing is controlled by a set of controls put into place with Operation Mockingbird that continues.
It is about inventing the world perception that people have
and propagandizing the public as needed, and mind control to think and behave and form opinions based on the vignettes they create as "news".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

When did the reality shows become fake? Because I can attest to the "Trauma life in the ER" series. When did this become completely fake?

I believe at this point all reality shows are fake, are they?

 Quoting: allisaTX

Most reality shows are scripted.
I was saying that the news invents it's week to week "reality show".

Sandy Hook, was a "reality" tv show. It's meant to seem real but it's fake.
The Alabama hostage story, same thing. These are just short lived little reality shows that are for the new terminology "infotainment", as far as media is concerned and to propagandize the public as far as LE/.gov is concerned.
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