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Message Subject Is the MSM done with the lies? Are they rebelling against their handlers?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
There was a woman who was fired or left CNN for some reason who made a big deal of CNN being propaganda (what was her name? Abigail something?)

Lara Logan is another reporter who came out saying basically what we were told about Al Qaeda being a non-threat (from the WH/media) was all lies.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33670853

Come off it. Lara Logan told a big fake whopper about being raped and attacked in Egypt. She wasn't there in the middle of that rabble. Get real.
She faked it.
What she did was a Br'er Rabbit move. Just like Condy Rice.
Pretending like there was a presidential directive she'd rather die of embarrassment than reveal. When the truth was, she wanted you to believe that a rolled up piece of paper in some photo op was a bulletin that said, "Bin Laden Determined to Fly Planes into a Building".
Because the truth is far more sinister than that.

There is no Al Queda. But, Lara Logan needed the legend backstory built of being "raped" to sell the Al Queda is real to counter the BBC.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1482838

An associate of mine was actually hired to do audio/video contract work as part of a film crew. They were to be flown out to Egypt to meet up with their contacts & correspondent(s) there to cover the uprising and try and film some interviews with some notable figures in Egypt. After the attack occurred to Logan the network that arranged this contract work panicked and felt that the situation over there was too volatile and that they could not guarantee the safety of the workers they had contracted to cover these events. The coordinator tried to contact the workers and instruct them not to fly out but it was too short of notice as they had just departed and were already en route. While they could not do the planned work with Logan they did stay in Egypt for a few days and filmed some coverage of the events as well as some interviews. My associate said they traveled in a 2 car caravan through Cairo and that they had an ex-British forces bodyguard with them who was hired/contracted to provide security for the crew. He said it took them nearly 3 hours to drive through Cairo as the streets were flooded with people and he said it was absolutely nuts!

Why is it so unfathomable to you that a crowd of angry Egyptian protestors would attack a white, female Western journalist? As far as I remember reading about the story it wasn't even attributed to 'Al Qaeda' or anything of the sort, but to an angry mob of about 200 protestors.

Her story was full of holes. The problem is she was never there. She was only doing green screens because she's the "talent".
I don't doubt a group was there to film her "backdrop".

So if she's surrounded by 200 protesters she could easily be rescued on cue before she got gang banged to hell and back? In your version.

It didn't happen.

She was having an affair and she had to swallow a poison pill, so to speak.
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