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Connecting Dots: Comet Ison, outer planets pole shift?

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02/04/2013 06:38 PM
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Connecting Dots: Comet Ison, outer planets pole shift?
There´s increasing evidence on internet that actually our solar systems's outer planets have suffered some pole shift, even is believed that this has affected Saturn and Jupiter too.

Here an interesting article from a russian scientific who talks about several other important things too:


Having in mind that Earth is going through weird phenomenal changes (Earthquakes, vulcanism, mass animal deaths, extreme climate, and our pole shifting at least 40 miles a year ) it comes to me that all this seems going "increscendo" till a point of a massive change.

By coincidence this year 2013 with important comets, mainly comet Ison, which by coincidence is near to Jupiter.

I alwaysd have believed that the most powerful force in the universe is the electric energy, and this thing seem to bring a lot of activity, at least to watch it as never in our history; but one thing is sure to me: these changes will continue. Time will tell