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SLAVERY OF BLACKS OVERSEAS TODAY - Obama Is The Lawn Ornament 'Jockey' Enabler

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02/04/2013 07:45 PM
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SLAVERY OF BLACKS OVERSEAS TODAY - Obama Is The Lawn Ornament 'Jockey' Enabler
[link to gvnet.com]

At the above homepage link, you can click on any country you want. Thanks to Dr. William Mount, for providing insights.

Consider this:

Under the Obama Administration the USA is sending both military aid and troops into African nations that support BLACK SLAVERY.

Let us look at a few nations that the America now supports under the Obama Administration:

1) Saudi Arabia: They receive huge amounts of military aid from the US. Currently we have thousands of troops in Saudi Arabia protecting the King and his slavery policies. Yes - there are slaves in Saudi Arabia. It is part of the Muslim Religion. They feel that the Black is inferior to the White and therefor can act as slaves. (To verify this, however, you would have to ead the entire Koran in Arabic, as the English translation is misleading.)

Why - how can we judge the Muslim Religion - it is the ICON of the left in America?

Not too long ago, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia advertised on Google World Wide the sale of a 26 year-old male slave who has been castrated - and Saudi castration means everything is removed.

The Crown Prince promised in a Facebook Posting to clear all Visa's and Passport requirements.

In other words - for a couple hundred thousand dollars you can legally have a Black Slave right there in America.

Facebook has refused to pull this listing.

2) Morocco:

In a recent article "US Aid/Morocco" the US sent Morocco $131 million, courtesy of the American taxpayer, last year alone.

For those who do not know - there is an active Black Slave Trade currently going on in Morocco. Google the "Trail of Dead Slaves" that runs from the West Coast of Mauritania to the city of Casablanca - they are transported north along the west coast of Africa in Camel Caravans even to this day.

If you Google Slavery in Morocco you will find that many wealthy families have slave girls sold by their poor fathers for cash. These girls often make it into the Sex Trade as prostitutes in the streets of Morocco.

Many slaves are sold for as little as $8 US dollars.

3) Mali:

Here is a nation that both France and the US have now "stabilized" by killing a few hundred Muslims.

There are about 200,000 Black Slaves in Mali.

See: Al-Qaeda complicating anti-slave drive in Mali.
[link to www.cbc.ca]

"While Mali officially abolished slavery in 1960, an estimated 200,000 people are still effectively in bondage, owned by masters who deed them down through generations."

..."Mali was a haven of learning for 400 years beginning in the 12th century. Its constitution, known as the Kurukan Fuga, is regarded by some as one of the earliest declarations of human rights, and covered men, women and slaves — which seems like a contradiction.

"But slavery in Mali is ages old, too. Not even the arrival of democracy in 1991 changed that.

"Democracy made Mali a darling of the west, a presumed model of governance and stability. But by some accounts, it wasn't a very good democracy for anybody but drug lords.."

..."With a grinding guerilla war now looming, Mali’s slaves are in a precarious position. 'These poorest, most marginalized people, including people who are living in slavery in the north of Mali, they are the straw under the fighting elephants,' ” said Ag Idbaltanat, an anti-slavery activist.

" 'They are the people who have no hope. They are the straw that gets crushed under the elephants.' "

4) South Africa. The US is currently sending South Africa nearly One Million Dollars per year Officially and has a long standing treaty with South Africa. Unofficially the US Embassy in South Africa send the "Official Government" millions in arm to control their people.

Track US Arms Sales to South Africa - which, of course, the American Tax Payer pays for.

The South African President has 4 slave wives and the King of Swaziland, a South African Protectorate, currently has a Slave Harem of 13 women.

It is not uncommon now, since the English Rule is over, to see a wealthy person with slaves as servants in his household.

See: "Human Trafficking & modern day slavery South Africa."

Didn't Lincoln's Union Army fight a war against slavery about 150 years ago?

Corporate Whore

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13th-Century (OP)

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02/04/2013 07:50 PM
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Re: SLAVERY OF BLACKS OVERSEAS TODAY - Obama Is The Lawn Ornament 'Jockey' Enabler
Several results from the Google search on Saudi selling castrated slave on Facebook.

Here is one link:

[link to frontpagemag.com]
13th-Century (OP)

User ID: 32527598
02/04/2013 07:52 PM
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Re: SLAVERY OF BLACKS OVERSEAS TODAY - Obama Is The Lawn Ornament 'Jockey' Enabler
Interesting article on Lawn Jockeys up at wikipedia.

Actually, the little guy was a hero in the eyes of George Washington.

Obama could learn a lot from him.

"It is said that the 'lawn jockey' actually has its roots in the tale of one Jocko Graves, an African-American youth who served with General George Washington at the time that he crossed the Delaware to carry out his surprise attack on British forces at Trenton, NJ. The General thought him too young to take along on such a dangerous attack, so left him on the Pennsylvania side to tend to the horses and to keep a light on the bank for their return. So the story goes, the boy, faithful to his post and his orders, froze to death on the river bank during the night, the lantern still in his hand. The General was so much moved by the boy's devotion to his duty that he had a statue sculpted and cast of him, holding the lantern, and had it installed at his Mount Vernon estate. He called the sculpture 'The Faithful Groomsman'."

[link to en.wikipedia.org]

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