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Message Subject Please i want to join illuminati
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok here's what you do.

Get a skull, a hawk feather, a lion claw, and a snake skin.

Find a room with little or no light.

Draw a cross on the ground and put each one at each point.

Ok say these words.

In the name of the darkness I sacrifice of my flesh in exchange for(what ever you want).

Take a dagger and cut your right hand. Take some blood and mark your forehead and below your right eye.

Drip the blood into a bowl, mix it with oil and then set it on fire.

Breath in the smoke, and say.

In your name I carry out your orders.

That who was born before Adam and who shall last beyond Christ.

Walk out of the room and leave everything there.

Go to sleep, you should have a dream that involves a river a tree a man sitting under the tree and a blonde woman with blue eyes. She will have her right eye covered with her hair.

When you wake you should have scratches on your arms, stomach, and under your right eye.

There ya go, you are officially in the Illuminati.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33605837

I forgot you will have to let her have sex with you in the dream. Do not deny her.
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