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Message Subject 2012-DA14 "Beiderman Fragment" IMPACTS Russia--THIS IS FAR FROM OVER! Cover-up?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
I think there is something about the Tryptich in the Da Vinci code painting. It could mean everything is Father, Son and Holy Spirit though, even the Pyramids.

What makes you think that the 15th of February will mean a meteor Silently Knowing? I've read a lot of yours and Ahbie's threads. Can you put it in simple terms? Those colour pictures mean nothing to me.

The Groxt is always talking about a meteor coming down so it would fit in.

Do you know anything extra that wasn't in the Superbowl thread?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20756371

Hey Anonymous! Yes, you are on to something there with
the Father, son and Holy Spirit, for sure--that's part
of it.
In terms of this thread, though, the "Triptych" code
doesn't mean anything more than just a pattern recognition
numbers or letters coming together in a set like the
windows behind Jesus and Mary in The Last Supper. Within
that set, you use numerology to work out something like
the date for the in-bound astroid/meteor. I'm not really
going any deeper for this topic than patterns and sets.
Now, the actual symbology of the 3-in-1 Triptych is
best explained in Abhie's & my Leonardo Davinci thread
--here is that link. We were talking about this on the
last page of the thread last week. Sorry, I'd go deeper
into the mysteries of the Triptych, but it would be a
tangent to the 2-15-12 date (actually, could be anywhere
between the 14th and the 16th since they aren't tracking
the thing very well!)
[link to www.godlikeproductions.com]
page 34 has the "Triptych" explained in a video.
Hope you are enjoying the thread, though. Good to see you!

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