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Message Subject 2012-DA14 "Beiderman Fragment" IMPACTS Russia--THIS IS FAR FROM OVER! Cover-up?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
This must be what you mean Silently Knowing.

[link to thewatchers.adorraeli.com]

Nasa conference tomorrow at 2 pm ET about asteroid fly by on the 15th of February.

Could afffect satellites. Link for conference on page.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20756371

Yes, Interesting. They must be getting a little
threatened by having ANY DISCUSSION at all about the
possibility that "Beiderman" (2012-DA14) will effect
the earth in ANY WAY. I wasn't invited to address the
panel. lol!

What is interesting is THESE STATS on the type of
impact on the Earth/ocean an astroid might have--these
are NOT made up, but are available for anyone to
check on. (Amateur computer software)

LAND OR WATER IMPACT FOR VARYING SIZED ASTROIDS:Projected size, weight and volacity of 2012-DA14
(computer generated software NOT I.D.'d posted 2-05-13)

The major seismic shaking will arrive approximately 20 seconds after impact.
Richter Scale Magnitude: 1.5
Mercalli Scale Intensity at a distance of 100 km:

Nothing would be felt. However, seismic equipment may still detect shaking.

The air blast will arrive approximately 5.05 minutes after impact.
Peak Overpressure: 995 Pa = 0.00995 bars = 0.141 psi
Max wind velocity: 2.34 m/s = 5.22 mph
Sound Intensity: 60 dB (Loud as heavy traffic)

so at 50km on a boat in 1000m of water
The impact-generated tsunami wave arrives approximately 23.7 minutes after impact.
Tsunami wave amplitude is less than 1.94 meters ( = 6.38 feet).

so at 20km on a boat in 1000m of water
The impact-generated tsunami wave arrives approximately 4.73 minutes after impact.
Tsunami wave amplitude is between: 45.9 cm ( = 18.1 inches)?????? and 9.72 meters ( = 31.9 feet)

.....could be much much worst than japans tsunami

Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33535924
Thread: 2012 DA14 WILL hit earth.. Confirmed. (Page 19)
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