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Message Subject 2012-DA14 "Beiderman Fragment" IMPACTS Russia--THIS IS FAR FROM OVER! Cover-up?
Poster Handle SilentlyKnowing
Post Content
Edited: 2-06-2013 Changed title. SK
Edited: 2-06-2013 added content. ADDED 2012-DA14 title.SK
BREAKING: NASA will hold a televised panel discussion of
"BEIDERMAN" (2012-DA14) 2:00 PM EST 2/7/2013
[link to thewatchers.adorraeli.com]

There is something up with Valentines Day 2013


NOT a box of candy, not a music VALENTINE, no--NOT
even a NEW Tom Cruise romance movie!(sigh)
and years from now, it may be called:
"The Valentines Day Hammer."
Please believe me, this year's VALENTINE IS NOT
your historical "WARM FUZZY" you have come to love!

We have--in fact--met this "VALENTINE" GUY before (thanks to
the special effects movie classic: "Deep Impact"!
In-bound astroid 2012-DA14...is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS
and the fast-moving REAL-LIFE version of Deep Impact's--

...(Can other 1/2--"WOLF"--be far behind?? UH OH!!)
I'll show that TPTB have had years of WARNING about VALENTINE "Beiderman"--and thanks to "Deep Impact"--we would also have been warned, if-someone-had-caught the clues in this thread back in 1998.
straight out of "Deep Impact?"

[link to www.youtube.com]
[link to www.youtube.com]
EDIT: Disclaimer:
Most of the posters here are not claiming that 2012-AD14 will hit, just that this a unique event. "Near Earth Objects NEO's" this big (or with "Beiderman's"
HIGH veloscity) has come even close to impact in modern times that we can compare it to for threat ofdirect impact. However, one--similar in size and weight to "Beiderman" caused--the Russian event (Tungaska) and is evidence that impact is not even necessary for SOME effect on our Earth. That being said ... please consider what your intention participating on this thread is, to inform or berate? Posts which continually disrespect/debate or are seen as "spam" WILL be deleted. SK

Check this trailer from 1999--remember this?
[link to www.youtube.com]


The Illuminati (TPTB) have been known to HIDE IN PLAIN SITE certain clues to events about which they have foreknowledge. This fact is a well known "conspiracy theory" of GLP wherein human affairs are just a GAME FOR TPTB.
On a par with "subliminal programming"these hidden codes ARE found in "plain sight"--although often we miss catching them until it is too late. These Codes
...or sometimes they are only meant to be a wicked "signature" to let us know:
For example, several movies had clear warnings about 9-11
prior to the World Trade Center Terrorist attack. (The
World Trade Center Twin Towers were, in fact, one of the
world's biggest "Triptych" symbols. See definition below.)

Such a hidden code/Illuminati signature has been covered
in GLP (11/2012) from the movie "Deep Impact." 2012 BUT RE-VISITING THE ORIGINAL CODE HAS REVEALED EVEN MORE!
Prior to 2013, the "Triptych Code" was unknown.
Thread: UHOH..."Big-Wig" Resignations....a 12-3-12 "CODE" in Deep Impact & CALIF Quake? (Page 3)

We completely ignored the possibility that there may be
multiple "Iluminati codes" within one movie--if the event is GLOBAL.
In the first case it was the script clues themselves that were the code. Another type they use is with easily seen product endorsement names, a time-code, or numerology in a character's name, etc. (The Movie 2012
had a product endorsement (Kimberly Clark Diapers) that
we're still trying to decipher.

Deep Impact is the "little sister" block buster to her "Big Brother" (and better recognized meteor-disaster movie) "Armageddon" with Bruce Willis. Armageddon--the Willis film oddly enough was released 2 weeks after Deep Impact. (Odd that there should be TWO high profile films on the same topic...even then I thought they were trying to tell us something REALLY BIG!)
Here are the movie trailers for Armageddon:
[link to www.youtube.com]

These two films are stellar examples of a type of mass psychological "conditioning[/b] to psychologically prepare a large group of people for a disasterous event or a change which might meet public resistence to--ahead of time. The motive for this sort of "preview" TO THE EVENT BY SHOWCASING A FICTIONAL MOVIE ON A SIMILAR TOPIC is to lessen its impact (which they perceive as negative for TPTB beforehand) on its population's mental health. They may want us scared, but we're no good to anyone if we're emotional ZOMBIS!
The actual psychological term escapes me, (anyone?) but I believe this conditioning does exist in "Deep Impact" after finding a NUMERICAL CODE embedded in the film:
the date of a POSSIBLE disaster 2-15-2013; It was clearly
identifiable in the movie's script and product endorsement of something called: "Ensure."
The DATE in what I have named "The Triptych Code" must,
with logic refer to an actual date when 2 in-bound meteors are expected. In fact, according to the movie script it is a warning about at least ONE--if not TWO (names given as "Beiderman" and "Wolf")--large extra-planetary objects that have the potential to cause earthquakes, EMP pulse effects on the electric-grid (which we saw at the NFL Superbowl game sunday Feb.3rd), or at worst actually strike
land or one of the oceans--i.e.,tsunami.

This video has been released by NASA to explain--and
to calm public fears and concerns about 2012-DA14 which
has been identified as a close "fly-by" event for 2-15-2013.

[link to www.youtube.com]
This was how one viewer interpreted that film!
OF THE NASA VIDEO! (Here is THOR's analysis of it!)
[link to www.youtube.com]

THE NASA VIDEO is fairly bland and reads like their
usual 3rd grade viewer's level of presentations. The really
troubling part comes at 3:34 min. pt. "Arizona's telescope will ping ALMOST
EVERYDAY between 2-16 to 2-20-13.
This is their way of letting us know that THEY PROBABLY WILL NOT BE TRACKING IT (since it is supposed to impact on 2-15-2013, and 2-16-2013 will be AFTER the fact!)
DID you get THAT?... The Arizona telescope--do to the incredible speed of "Beiderman" and it's coming from the south below the visible plane--wouldn't even pick up the track for 2012-DA14 until 2-16-2013--well after projected fly-by!

Then it goes on to report what kind of damage we could expect SHOULD 2012-DA14 actually strike earth. First
example of the Mile-wide astroid-crater in Arizona having been caused by same sized astroid hit! Then...there is
what happens if "Beiderman" explodes in the atmosphere
...Can you say: "Tanguska"? Tanguska event in N.Siberia--
was an atmospheric explosion of an astroid of this size
which blew down a FOREST! (4:23MIN on the video)

So...obviously, THIS ASTROID is NOT to be dismissed
lightly at all! It is large enough to do much damage.

Here is an even CREEPIER VIDEO on "Disaster Kits"--FEMA
[link to www.youtube.com]

I'll be posting more about the Deep Impact Code date
2-15-2013 and a time (8:00 EST) in my next post. It is
4:25 AM my time and I need some sleep! But I wanted to get this up while the conversaton on GLP has their other related thread! I'll be adding more info later today!


2012-DA14 "Beiderman's" date was hinted there for us to find in Deep Impact since 1999!
 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

I have added "2012-DA14 TO MY TITLE so folks using the
"Advanced Search" can find it. There should be some HUGE
INTEREST in 2012-DA14 (I call it "Beiderman") after
2:00 PM EST Thursday, February 7, 2013 because NASA will
telecast a panel discussion about it. I will try to keep this thread up on the board the next couple of days for folks to see the links and have a 'SANE' CONVERSATION--
Some good videos have been added also. It wouldn't hurt
to have some EMERGENCY SUPPLIES put back--even tho the
'MAYAN PROPHESIES' on the end of the world didn't see
anything GLOBAL--there is a need to continue to be
vigilant. Remember water and supplies for pets!
The close fly-by of this astroid (not a "meteor" until
it is in-bound!) may be an opportunity for a "false-
flag" of somekind. Keep alert!

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