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do the false flags come by 2's (dualities way)

wind rider
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02/05/2013 09:03 AM
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do the false flags come by 2's (dualities way)
911 .....twin towers/Pentagon

storms .... Katrina/Sandy (forced by HAARP)

batman movie .....Aurora/Sandy Hook

there should be 4 sets(wings)of false flags ...due to the 4 black swans swimming in the Queens pond ....

with 911 man made manipulates man made destroys through air with fire, with storms man made manipulates nature and destroys with wind and water, with movie man made manipulates man and destroys with fire power

what of the next 2 possibilities if this actually was to happen ....

man made would manipulate earth and fire ....earth quake and volcanic fire

once more this is not to be read as to be in the light of prophetic or preaching of any end .....

all information shared is to STOP those who intend harm on the people and for self preparation of those who know how to be self sustaining .............

time ends and the false world systems .....
wind rider