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Message Subject ~ WARNING!! ~ Our SUN is getting HOTTER and BRIGHTER every day!! ~ Is it ALREADY in NOVA mode??!!
Poster Handle *HEISENBERG*
Post Content


I am a fool, yet YOU are the one putting your faith in this pseudo science?

Ahh yes, the irony.
 Quoting: *HEISENBERG*

One of the features we observe on the sun which have no business being there according to the standard model, are sunspots. The most significant thing about a sunspot, is the fact that center of the sunspot is dark. If the sun is trying to radiate light energy from its core, we should expect that it is bright. If you think about the Umbra, the darkest place in the center of sunspots. That's the place where we can see deepest into the sun. Consider the fact at that point where we can really see down into the sun, that's the absolute coldest place we are able to measure.

Mainstream science on TV and what is taught to you in school is not only boring. It's 100% wrong.
 Quoting: Da fuq

Well, so far everytime you guys on GLP have some crazy pseudo scientific space theory, I come out being right, and your pseudo science wrong...

So until one of your crack pot theories comes to fruition, I will use my own common sense regarding the subject, since it is yet to be wrong on these topics.

 Quoting: *HEISENBERG*

Oh yeah? You the guy who had the Charlie Sheen avatar?

I remember you just fine, and I've never once mistaken you for intelligent.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33760964

1) It was never a Charlie Sheen avi.

2) The correct person and spelling is in my sig, so I don't know how you still messed that up.

3) I say this theory is B.S and will put money where my mistaken intelligence is and bet you this is pure B.S

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