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Message Subject ~ WARNING!! ~ Our SUN is getting HOTTER and BRIGHTER every day!! ~ Is it ALREADY in NOVA mode??!!
Poster Handle *HEISENBERG*
Post Content

Well, so far everytime you guys on GLP have some crazy pseudo scientific space theory, I come out being right, and your pseudo science wrong...

So until one of your crack pot theories comes to fruition, I will use my own common sense regarding the subject, since it is yet to be wrong on these topics.

 Quoting: *HEISENBERG*

The thunderboltz. You sir, are a joke.
 Quoting: Da fuq

So your pseudo science is yet to predict anything correct the last decade on GLP, so I don't trust it, and that makes me a joke?

Oh well, a joke is how I see all these pseudo scientific threads. Pure entertainment.
 Quoting: *HEISENBERG*

You should say pseudo science more in your posts.
 Quoting: Da fuq

It's an incredibly fun phrase, and does the job of insinuating you are all full of s**t
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