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Police now accompanying Smart Meter installations: Two homeowners arrested for saying NO!

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02/05/2013 09:48 AM

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Police now accompanying Smart Meter installations: Two homeowners arrested for saying NO!
As if police in most major cities didn't have enough to do already, now they are being deployed as enforcers for the nanny state.

Cops in Naperville, Ill., a suburb of Chicago, have arrested two mothers after they attempted to block utility workers from installing so-called "smart meters" on their homes. The women, who were known to be vocal opponents of the wireless electric meters, apparently, were not the only smart meter opponents, however, because city officials told the Chicago Tribune they have ordered police to accompany utility crews as they install the meters on other homes where they were previously sent away.

"The previous installation attempts were met with some resistance and we wanted to ensure our employees' safety," City Manager Doug Krieger told the paper.

Translation: Your home isn't really your home anymore.

Your home is not your castle

According to the paper Naperville has installed about 57,000 smart meters already and is about 99 percent finished with the process. Officials say the meters will make the city's electrical system more efficient and reliable and will also reduce costs.

But the Naperville Smart Meter Awareness group says they are concerned about the health, security and privacy aspects of the wireless smart meters. They group, which was led by the two women who were arrested, has a federal lawsuit pending against the city.

Malia "Kim" Bendis, one of the two, was charged with a pair of misdemeanors, the Tribune said - attempted eavesdropping and resisting a peace officer. The other woman, Jennifer Stahl, also received two citations - interfering with police and preventing access to customer premises. Again, your home is not your home in Naperville, apparently.

Upon her release, Stahl said when she refused a smart meter for her home utility installers accompanied by cops cut a bicycle lock she had put on her fence before entering her backyard. After that little incident of trespassing, she said she had no choice but to stand in front of her old meter, refusing to move.

Learn more: [link to www.naturalnews.com]

Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/05/2013 10:15 AM
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Re: Police now accompanying Smart Meter installations: Two homeowners arrested for saying NO!
Attempted eavesdropping?

What is that? Is that even a thing one can be charged with?