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Message Subject Richard III - Bad News For The Queen
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Simon Abney Hastings claim to the throne is way, way better than that of Michael Ibsen.

The BIG QUESTION is the bastardy of Edward IV.

The whole point is this.

A recently discovered letter by a Bishop, confirmed to be real, confirms what has always been rumoured, that Edward IV (born 1442) was actually a bastard and not valid to become King.

The letter confirms that...

In 1441, when Edward IV was conceived when his father, Richard 3rd Duke of York, was hundreds of miles away on a battlefield.

In order for Richard, the 3rd Duke of York to have been Edward IV's father, Richard, 3rd Duke of York would have had to jump on a Cross-Channel hovercrafts and raced across France on either high-speed rail link or by a Cessna going flat out to bang his wife and then speed back to the battlefield by an Air France Concorde...in an era when roads were little more than mud tracks and riding a carthorse was cutting edge technology.

If this would not have been possible, then Edward IV must have been a :"love child" and his eldest brother would have been the rightful claimant which... puts Simon Abney Hastings on the throne.
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