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Message Subject Richard III - Bad News For The Queen
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
>>>>Why should we 'honour' someone because they slithered out from between the legs of a 'royal' or by whom their father is?

...One reason is to consider the counterfactual.

The House of Lords used to be entirely hereditory.


- The House of Lords used ot have large numbers of openly gay people whilst the elected House Of Commons had none.
- The ratio of women to men has been persistently highter than for the Commons.
- The ehtnic mix of the Lords has been persistently closer to that of the country compared with the Commons.

The hard sad fact is that, regardless what people SAY, voters always tend to vote for Middle Class, White Men with an Arts Degree, who work as either lawyers or business people.

If you have an elected head of state, you will tend to end up with some cockroach who's managed to clamber to the top of the dung pile of corruption and you WILL tend to be ruled either by a religious nutcase, an extremist, a George Bush or an Obama.

Alternatively, if you have a head of state by hereditory basis, you will have someone , effectively chosen by RANDOM SELECTION. 5ndeed, there is an argument to suggest that the best way to chose head of state, if not Government as well would be by RANDOM SELECTION, by a lottery of the whole population, but then again, that leaves the question of just hwo administers and runs the lottery.
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