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Message Subject Richard III - Bad News For The Queen
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The thing is that the Tudors were associated with the Plantagenets, but the WIndsors have , pretty much F**K all to do with the Ancient Kings and Queens of England.

Consider these facts...

- Porphyria. (which caused the madness of King George) was a hereditary disease which turned up in minor forms in the ANcient rulers of England. NO MONARCH since Queen Victoria has suffered from it.
- Hemophilia is a disease which NEVER occurred in Royalty UNTIL Queen Victoria with numerous of her descendents having it.

The chances of one hereditory disease stopping and another starting in ONE GENRERATION are 6 TRILLION to one.

Also, consider...

- Official record shows that Queen Victoria's father only spent ONE NIGHT in the same bedroom with her mother, and even then, the following morning, the palace staff found him sleeping on the floor and her in her bed.
- Queen Victoria's father had a "special male friend" who always travelled with him. In order to "save the country money", he and his friend would always share the same single bed, bedroom at any inns or hotels that they stayed at.

Also, consider...

- Shortly before Queen Victoria was born, a vast bedpan was brought in for her mother and, minutes later, Queen Victoria was "born", absolutely huge with no blood on her, and looking as if she were a month old baby.
- One of the footman of Queen Victoria's mother suffered from the hereditory disease of Hemophilia.

Also consider...

- There are hundreds of relatives of the WIndsors who receive over 10,000 pounds a year and other benefits like free postage. They are never struck off for any crime that they commit with ONE EXCEPTION. They are absolutely forbidden ever to submit to a blood or DNA test. SHould they be arrested for DUI, they must plead guilty and not give a blood sample, but will be given a part time chauffeur if they do. BUT if they do agree to a blood test, they lose ALL - income, free postage etc... it is ALL taken away.
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but a complete lie.

The DNA of the Queen Victoria is well known.
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