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You Decide
User ID: 33736727
02/05/2013 10:55 AM
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Don't pay much attention to the dates. These pics are screen captures of cached pages.

So let me try and piece this all together for you.

Adam Lanza is an impressionable lad and perhaps very habitual in nature.

He plays addictive video games like "GunGame DM" and "Call of Duty" for 8 years (since 2004) 8 LONG YEARS !!!!

Adam Lanza is only twenty years old and he wants to fit in but he doesn't know how. Then he finds a FALSE JESUS.

He accepts his new false Jesus whole-heartedly. It's in the music he listens to and the games he plays. It's in the message in the music too. Adam is a member of the GOTH'S. That's dark hypnotic music Club. He listens to this music attentively for years! Was it really mind rape?

The rest of the story is hidden among the text.

Don't look too hard. Just scan!

Links are above the captions.

The first picture is from You-Tube:
[link to bayimg.com]

In reply to Adam Lanza User "asdf52231" says: "You must prepare yourself, you are going to day in seven days"

Does this mean Adam will DIE in seven days? WTF !!!!

Second picture from You-Tube
[link to bayimg.com]

"asdf52231" also says: From the calm morning THE END WILL COME when of the dancing horse the number of circles

will be 9.

Does this mean 9 AM on a calm morning an event will take place? That's around the time the shooting started!

[link to bayimg.com]

Wise men know their limits. great men have no limits. Black Ops 2 You-Tube user: Jesus Alvaro

Note: PSy op Gangnam style sounds like GunGame (Gangnam Style - GunGame Style)

[link to bayimg.com]

GunGame User: Adam Lanza (no sound)

237 kills
2 suicides

[link to bayimg.com]

STEAM USER: Adam Lanza (no sound)

[link to bayimg.com]

Picture - The Circles Narrow - user Estremofilo.

What does "the circle narrows" mean?

[link to bayimg.com]
[link to bayimg.com]
[link to bayimg.com]
[link to bayimg.com]
[link to bayimg.com]
[link to bayimg.com]

All part of the same page!

Are you all on the same page sofar?

[link to bayimg.com]

Adam and Eve TV Commercial

"When the pebbles skip across the water, only but one will sink. Three smooth skip over the body, while the rough and jagged trip over and join. Christmas delivers fulfilment of the list. Who is naughty to be left out? SanduskY has a Point. Adam holds the fire which was sparked by Christmas Eve. Watch the fire roast the Lamb as the Lamb is Sandy and Points towards CHRISTMAS EVE. I pray you understand the cryptic importance of this message." Some of us do care. STAY SAFE!

I sure hope this solves the mystery once and for all!
Dark Night
User ID: 33796495
02/06/2013 12:46 PM
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From Tennyson: [link to www.youtube.com]

I just found this website, It's another link to the Dark Night rising movie. This is unreal. Beyond coincidence.

It could also solve the riddle. Can anyone verify this?

There is a link to a screenshot below

[link to bayimg.com]
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 33826437
United States
02/06/2013 05:51 PM
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I don't know, is there solid proof that he even exists let alone had his mom let him hole himself up in the basement playing non-stop video games when his mother knows he has a disability? Especially the way he had looked in his media-released bug eyed yearbook photo??

His mother couldn't leave him alone for one freaking moment a few years before, then gives up entirely and letting him have his gun/violence obsession, and taking him target practice shooting of all things??

The law enforcement described it like a gun fanatic's dungeon with posters and shit all over the basement... What mom would let their barely legal adult son get to such a point?

I think he's just a made up patsy used for the official story's convenience.

That's just a few points out of my over thirty i have on this thread:
Thread: Guide to Sandy Hook Unanswered Questions/Anomalies


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