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Anonymous Coward
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02/05/2013 12:41 PM
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London, Jan 29 (ANI): After spending six million dollars to create bionic superhero Steve Austin, scientists have now built a real bionic man from artificial limbs for a sixth of the price.

Known as Rex - short for robotic exoskeleton - his 6ft frame is made up of an array of artificial limbs and organs from around the world. Built for a Channel 4 documentary exploring how far technology has developed, Rex raises ethical dilemmas.

Research on advanced prosthetics and artificial organs means scientists could soon not only replace missing body parts, but improve on them.

The bionic man is being built from 1,000,000 dollars of limbs and organs by leading UK roboticists Richard Walker and Matthew Godden. There is the artificial eye, which consists of a microchip implanted into the retina that receives images captured by a camera housed on the patient's glasses.

[link to in.news.yahoo.com]

I listened to a discussion about this, and they were talking about creating an robotic brain with it's own intelligence, coupled to this body with blood and organs.