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Message Subject Do you consent to the way you are governed???? Only 22% of Americans say the government operates with our consent.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny, last I looked we elected the government. Bitching about it when you caused the issue is just childish. You wanna change something? Stop voting the same people in year after year.

Note: Those wearing tinfoil hats will be unable to process this message. No common sense is let out and no knowledge and understanding is let in.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15688559

That's funny, I saw no ballot giving me the power to vote for anyone sitting on the Federal Reserve Bank, last I heard that was a private family, and a "exclusive club", that you had to be born into.

I also never saw the option to vote for who represents us at the United Nations.

Never saw the spot to vote for those who represent us at the IMF, the Global Bank, or any of the other world banks!

I know that you are paid government shill, and that it is your job to come here and try to discredit people, and muddy the argument, and in this economy who can blame you.

However you must find it increasingly hard to make an argument whenever the facts are out, and people are aware that the elections are not free, not fair, and those we have the option to vote for are not elected, but selected.

Free elections where Obama gets more vote than registered voters!
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