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Message Subject Do you consent to the way you are governed???? Only 22% of Americans say the government operates with our consent.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We should do the Government as they have done to us.

We should write laws, dictating that all their shit is ours, and write it on a piece of paper.

We should buy and sell their children as they do ours.

Should we have the power to hire armed people, give them badges and send them out to enforce our "LAWS" while exempting ourselves and our friends?

This is bullshit, the whole system is bullshit, we are nothing more than slaves and we all cower in fear for what they will do to us next, even though they are a tiny minute small group of people.

Can you image if the Buffalo charged after the wolf pack in mass. It would be over.
 Quoting: GodFrequency

This is the problem I struggle with daily in my thoughts and conversations, as it's not feasible for my to corrupt my moral obligations as a righteous and virtuous man. But, I see your point. This is why it's such a dilemma for the good side, because we have to take the moral high ground and stand for truth and what's right as an example to our children and to our neighbors.

We of good faith do not wish to sink to the levels of the corrupt and unjust. If we are forced to wallow in the muck with these filthy swine make no mistake they will feel the wrath of the righteous. When I start hearing things like Rockefellers and Rothschilds are being assassinated or the gates of kings and queens are being stormed I might believe the world is ready for real change. Until then it's business as usual, keep on rockin in the FEE WORLD.
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