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Message Subject Do you consent to the way you are governed???? Only 22% of Americans say the government operates with our consent.
Poster Handle GodFrequency
Post Content
highlighting the fact america badly needs constitutional reform
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33854380

The Constitution is great the way it is. The problem is that we need officials with brass balls to arrest those who are attempting to circumvent the laws of the land with their tyranny and who are breaking our laws through abuse of office.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29184782

The constitution was never really perfect, but it was pretty damn close. The first few laws were about the rights of the people, and everything since then has been what they can do to us.

THe Constitution has not stood for ever 100 years now. Not really, it was just that the slavery wasn't as painful whenever they first started looting the place, because we were very wealthy at one point in time.

The Federal Reserve is Unconstitutional.

Wealth redistribution, and most of the social safety nets are unconstitutional, they are little more than political bribes. The war on poverty, should have been called the war to create poverty.
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