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Message Subject Do you consent to the way you are governed???? Only 22% of Americans say the government operates with our consent.
Poster Handle s. d. butler
Post Content
You pompous arrogant little assholes, I don't know what horse you all rode in on, or where you get off thinking you have any god given right to tell us all how to live, but you don't! You are nothing, you have no power, the only power you think you have is imaginary, made up, a fiction, and a tissue of corrupt lies wrapped up in a veil of "LAWS" written on little pieces of paper! That's all you are a thin illusion of lies, words written on paper as if to magically give you some authority, power, and money! You possess none. Your power is an illusion, it is based off of the biggest occult lie ever told. You have minions of followers who worship at your alters as you hide in your temples, and worship you as false gods. You feel that if you write it on paper and pass it around for others to sign, that it has some magically binding power of us all, and that you have the ability to murder, rob, and enslave us because of your conjured up lies.

Your laws no longer stand.

You rule without the constitution, and therefore have voided any contract that was never signed by any of us in the first place.

We are not cattle, we are not slaves, we are not your property!

We no longer believe in you, and your entire system is just that, one predicated off of religious like belief. You are as real as Santa Claus, the Easterbunny, or the Libor Market!

You are an illusion, and all your power, is based off of nothing more than a vile of ink, paper, and a few 1's and 0's marking a spot for you in the imagination of the web. You are not reality, have no real wealth, and have no real power.

You no longer have our consent.

You are fired!
 Quoting: GodFrequency

My sentiments exactly.
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