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I was hunted by a Grey

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 18161786
United States
02/05/2013 02:51 PM
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I was hunted by a Grey
I've been trying to have an Out of body experience, but I can never get past the vibrational stage because I always feel like im being watched.

After trying and deciding to just forget about it last night, I went to sleep and I had this weird experience.

I was in my room at night and I felt this presence watching me. I ran out of the house and "it" was chasing me. I ran down the street looking for a house with the lights on, it was late because they were all dark except for one.

I start ringing the bell and a man around 30-40 comes out and asks me whats up. I tell him I'm being hunted by something and he tells me to come inside. I go in, thanking him and he tells me I can stay in the upstairs room. As I make my way up the stairs, I see that the front door is slowly being opened and while I cant see anything outside because its dark, I can feel "it" watching me.

I know it was a grey because I've had multiple dreams of them inside my house, in my room, watching me. its really creepy and I've been sleeping with the lights on for the past 4 years when this started happening.

Is there anything I can do? I've been able to lucid dream before and defeat monsters and whatnot, but I can never do anything against the greys.