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Protocols of Freedom - world organisation for the masses by the masses (You got a better idea?)

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02/05/2013 08:38 PM
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Protocols of Freedom - world organisation for the masses by the masses (You got a better idea?)
At the moment what we do is known as flash mobs, we find out we get angry we scream and break a few things then we go home to sleep and back to our jobs the next day falling back into our set daily routines.

Therefore we have an idea to make a change but we do not have a mechanism to enforce it. ie No sustained organisation.

The people of the world need to form the worlds largest member based organisation to represent and protect them from corruption in high places.

The corrupt masonic law courts need to be bypassed and grass roots inquiries, investigations and commissions need to be undertaken on the following; replacing the leadership of government, police, defence forces, secret service, etc.
Dismantling Royalty. Dismatling the world economic bankster cabal dynasty. Dismantling privatisation of national resources. as well as the UN, WHO etc.

To do this the people would need to win over a large portion if not majority of the police and defence forces to their cause so they could not be used against them.

Any police/defence forces who oppose the greater peoples' will are traitors and terrorists to those people.
Those who side with the people are patriots and heroes.

The organisation might start from local town halls where local citizens meet and elect their local leaders who would serve tranparently, 1 year term, 1st 3 months training with previous headrep, last 3 months training next headrep.

This position would be honorary and require 24/7 visual and audio recording of performance. 1 year of sacrifice for the good of humanity, should be no worries for the right candidates.

The people can at any time remove their leaders.

The organisations goals itself would have to be well defined in terms of planks set in stone which could not be altered or subverted by infiltration. These could be seen as the protocols of freedom and could be used as a basis counter to dreaded protocols of zion

Each of the local organisations based on the same template would be like a cell, the joining of these cells under a unified vision would be the creation of the worlds largest organisation.

People from all over the world could see the Protocols of freedom and form or join the organisation in their own local environment. A modest weekly/mothly fee would make it the richest organisation in the world, soon it would also be the most powerful.

Power to the People.

Got to run for a few bbl

peace y'all ;)
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