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AC vision /dream

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 2016535
02/06/2013 12:04 AM
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AC vision /dream
Dear AC/OP

I want to say KOL HAKAVOD (ALL THE GLORY ) to you for telling us your vision.
Many people will need to know the truth as it is only the truth (HIS TRUTH) that will set the captives free !Y'shua is the way, the truth and the life !He gave HIS life that we might live eternally with HIM. HE IS THE CREATOR ...YHVH is the expression of WHO HE IS ..who He was, who He is and who He will be....in splendour forever !
LOVE as He loved us and gave Himself for us and commanded us to love one another as He has loved us..no greater love has man than he lay down his life,for his fellowman.
FORGIVE everyone...as He has forgiven us ....otherwise if we do not forgive others then He will not forgive us !
Love and forgiveness is the message for mankind.
Bless you dear brother. Be strong and continue to strengthen one another.
Shalom in His Love