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tonight I stop believing

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 33012291
United States
02/10/2013 04:51 PM
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Re: tonight I stop believing
Thats nice aether. Ban a poster who disagree s with another of your regulars. Not saying you and others do not post knowledgable info..but as long as its an argument that can be put to rest one way or another. You should allow that in nature to become what it may. There was no abuse there in anyway other than a slip of f. Only once:-)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6073483

:( You got banned? wth? There are days I feel compelled to post in that thread. Some good topics. Then there are others where I am told to leave it alone. There is some sort of clique in that thread and god forbid if you ask questions about one of them. Especially you know who...I have noticed there is special treatment and hey that's his thread his perogitive...but the ripples go far. Now he has banned muse...Uncle Mikey...you...who's next LePalma? Maybe even me. It's like on some days your walking on egg shells cause you want to say something but you know your post will get deleated cause there are those who are protected and they know they are and seem to run the thread at times. Just my opinion. Hope your having a good night wf ttys :)