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Message Subject Death by medicine.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I love unbalanced stats.
They always appeal to an unbalanced mind.
As for comparing it to gun deaths, oh come on.

Firstly, does this "Dr" Carolyn Dean have an agenda to push?
Yes she does indeed.
She was found unfit to practice and struck off the medical register in 1995.
"She did not individualize her patients and objectively try to reach an appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Rather she allowed her bias toward candidiasis and perceived immunodeficiency problems to cause her to pre-diagnose patients without individualizing them."


Obviously now she has her own website promoting and selling a menagerie of woo and "natural" health cures. I'd be sooo disappointed if she didn't.

What I always find alerts me to potential quacks such as her is their propensity to try to sell via shock tactics or put-downs rather than on the benefits and successes of what they promote.
You never see reputable health stores and websites doing that but you always see quack sites doing it.
Unfortunately though there are many gullible people out there who fall for this.

Going back to the stats though, personally I couldn't take any "research" she does seriously and certainly after looking into the absolute number she suggests, they're over twicw what they should be.

She offers no stats for the failures and deaths caused by "natural" medicines and treatments which she should really so you can make an educated comparison.

Finally, and this is the one that always irks me, she hasn't mentioned the number of people who's lives have been saved, improved or lengthened by "conventional" medicine.
If she were to quote that, even the vastly inflated figure she's plucked out of thin air would look tiny indeed.
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