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Message Subject Idaho Survivalists Plan Walled Citadel
Poster Handle Lucky Charms
Post Content
These people won't have the inclination to get down to the tedious task of maintaining a community. At best they'll operate as a bandit outpost, raping and pillaging their surrounding counties in the name of "freedom". More likely, they'll just all kill each other.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 589518

Depends what kind of people they're gonna have in there.

I assume they're going to try and operate as a town, with families etc and self sufficiency as their goal.

It all depends how it's run, as long as it's not a cult and doesn't become a mini-dictatorship with one guy calling the shots, they could easily pull it off.

Of course, The Man isn't likely to let it get that far.

Tbh if there is a big societal collapse, they're the ones who'll be fending off the bandits from outside I reckon.
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