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Dream about Nuke in Pak and/or India

User ID: 14181948
United States
02/06/2013 08:43 AM
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Dream about Nuke in Pak and/or India
Had a dream in which normal news wasn't reporting big events.

Nothing new right ?

Well, in this dream I had heard about a city in Pakistan or India being nuked off the map (vaporized): But a local resident who was outside the blast zone saw the aftermath and was able to get out before being killed by people trying to cover it up.

He managed to get to the US and join a small church group (I suppose it was) and tell his story.

He said that the world powers have colluded together to hide such ERASURES of cities till the NWO is unstoppable.

Well nukes are harder to hide......but I bet even large military moves and massacres are happening worldwide and being covered up.

How is it the LAMESTREAM NEWS is getting so out of touch with world events that we almost never hear about foreign policy and world events anymore unless it is about some conflict in the M.E. (Probably 95% untrue anyways.)?

Had another dream in which OLD ROMAN legions were being revived to go out and use swords to cut down people (stabbing them in the back).

LIke a Parallel Italy behind an Italy.......Or Roman Empire Part II. Saw another Hitler type emerging (OBAMA ? )