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Message Subject Post Office to End Saturday Delivery Starting August 1
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I think it is a great idea to stop Saturday delivery. I know that when I sometimes go out of town on Saturday that I am a bit worried about my mail with all these thieving bass-turds on my rural road who like to go in other folks' mailboxes searching for God knows what. On weekdays as soon as it is delivered I am out there to bring it in to thwart them. Nothing more annoying than to go out in the morning to get my newspaper and see that my mailbox door is wide open (once when I went to town early I saw that every mailbox door on the entire road was open! How blatant or lazy can the thieves get?) I always make sure I shut it tight after getting my mail as we have some birds (and wasps) who like to try and build nests inside the box. Now I still have to worry about a parcel or package maybe going missing! Terrific! UGH!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33825799

Stop the mail for a couple weeks .

Find rattle snakes

Cut of rattles

Hilarity ensues when the vermin open mailboxes
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