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Message Subject Post Office to End Saturday Delivery Starting August 1
Poster Handle JohnC
Post Content
The post office makes money, when congress mandated in 2006 that the post office had to pre-fund healthcare for every employee for 75 years in to the future, including putting money away for people yet unborn and that the post office only had 10 years to put 75 years of funding away at a cost of $5.5 billion a year, congress had a goal. Congress knows the post office makes money so they are trying to break them and federalize the post office so they can use the money and TAX you to run the post office.

the reality of the mandate also does not take in to account technology and assumes postal employee number will increase at an ever rising rate, the post office is fighting back and something like 5 out of 9 jobs are going to be cut so they can re-do the retirement numbers.

One more time, congress wants to take over the postal service & spend the money the postal service makes and Tax you at the same time to run the postal service and still make you buy stamps to mail things. Congress sees dollar signs and a huge money pool they can squander.

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 Quoting: Chrit

The best way to cut jobs (which they should do) is to go to 3 day delivery. There will be A routes and B routes.

A routes are delivered Monday, Wednesday, Friday.
B routes are delivered Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.

Each employee works all six days.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33389306

Exactly right. Stopping Saturday delivery isn't going to help that much. The biggest problem with the post office is that they have huge numbers of workers who cannot deliver mail due to on the job injuries. After about five years many carriers get hurt and have to stay inside and sort mail. And if they run out of work they still sit around and get paid. If you rotate these injured carriers have work to do, preparing routes on the off days.
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