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Message Subject DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So the "collapse" is the devaluation of the USD?

Heck, it's no secret that the Fed is trying to devalue the USD.

And the European Central Bank is trying to devalue the Euro.

And the Japanese Central Bank is trying to devalue the yen.

And the People's Bank of China (Chinese Central Bank) is maintaining a peg (fixed exchange rate) of the yuan vs. the USD.

So everyone all over the world is trying to devalue, to stimulate their economy. The reason it's not working isn't that they are not trying, but because they can't all devalue at once. They can't ALL win the race to the bottom!

What do I think of a dollar devaluation? I think it's the cheapest way to pay our debt, because it makes the Chinese pay part of it. If we keep a strong dollar and try to pay down the debt via taxes, we will surely strangle what little life there is in our economy.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33389306

Wrongo, The end game is a transition to communism, not debt buy down. Lotsa things to, one of them is destruction of currency/economy. Make it so bad everyone flocks to it. We are watch history unfold here.
 Quoting: uscrusader1

The transition to communism, or at least monarchy or oligarchy, is well underway already. Obama lost the recent election but was reappointed. He's never had to answer the very cogent questions about his eligibility. And so on. That's political. They just rig the voting and the counting and continue on their merry way.

But regardless of political system, the economic realities are that we've got to renounce the debt or inflate it away. Trying to pay it in strong dollars would be obviously futile and impossible.

Let's not mix up the political and economic. Sure they are related, but they are not the same, and here one can probably have one without the other.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 33389306

I don't see any(even feeble) attempts to rescue the currency or economy, activities are more in line with the the destruction of both.
 Quoting: uscrusader1

I see now (finally) a bit of hope for the economy.

(1) Some spending projects are happening that are not just little "shovel ready" ones. One near to me is the rebuilding of the Tappan Zee Bridge across the Hudson River. It's a multi billion dollar project and it's happening. It will have some number of jobs. They've got a diversity manager to ensure that not all the jobs go to the best qualified, but still it will help.

(2) Fracking, for all its evil aspects, really will make us capable of energy independence. We have many massive shale formations we can frack and frack for years, oh well never mind some polluted water and random earthquakes and such ... And Obama is pushing it. By the way, China will want to buy some of that oil, or products refined from it. (It's currently illegal to export crude oil from the USA, we have to get the refining business here too.)

(3) There is some talk of a push in science and engineering. We have the potential right here, though I guess the plan is to import a fair amount of it via foreign students, then giving them green cards when they don't flunk out of a master's program here. (No need to pass qualifiers for a PhD, we're going to make it almost automatic for even the mediocre ones to qualify.) A science and engineering boom could really power the economy. Consider new technologies: genetic engineering, quantum computing, solar energy and batteries, and probably a lot more.
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