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Message Subject DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yeah I know....womp womp.

Here come the "cyber-warriors". Soon GLP will be SWIMMING in shills...

 Quoting: CreationPoetique

I'm having a lot of fun with this one;
And as for HOLDEN, he's a known Obama shill.

LOL, not in the slightest.

I've got an AR-15 sitting beside me and a Glock G19 on my hip as we type, and am ready to fight, kill, and possibly die in order to preserve the 2nd amendment or this country and its Constitution if it comes to that.

How's that for an Obama shill?
 Quoting: Holden 32744103

Better yet how are you gonna explain that retraction to your TeamLeader?
 Quoting: USCrusader1

Notice the activation date and first post date. :)
January 23, something called “the Cyber-Warriors for Obama Project” was activated,“Cyber-Warriors for Obama” printed in blue across the top. Inside were the names and e-mail addresses of 3,575 “cyber assets,” or “warriors,” listed in alphabetical order under about a dozen or so “team leaders.”

I love the GLP Advanced Search function. :)
User ID: 32744103
United States
01/23/2013 08:19 AM
 Quoting: Holden First Post

Holden - What do I say now, TeamLeader?
 Quoting: USCrusader1

 Quoting: uscrusader1

SO funny!lolsign

Catching shills is becoming a new fun game!!!

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