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Message Subject DHS Insider: Obama’s cyber warriors & preparing for collapse
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
You know what's hilarious is that once these useful idiot "warriors' have done their bit, they will be deemed unnecessary risks because you can't have a bunch of low-rent types running around bragging to their friends about what they were told to do. Do they really think tptb will not look to get rid of them once they move to the next step in the plan? So these couch commandos sell out their nation to make minimum wage and will wind up heart attacked, car accidented and suicided. Good career planning!

Shill/s for GLP, you may want to think about the devil you're dancing with. You are nothing to them but a little grease over a nut on the bolt of a cog in the machine and in the end, when they are done paying you slave wages for your soul, when you have doomed your parents, your spouse, your children to lives under horrific tyranny, they will turn on you and eliminate you. Because as little as they tell you, you know too much. And NOTHING will get in the way of the plan! Certainly not little used-up nobodies like you.
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