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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle DoorBert
Post Content
FSA battalions have lauched the the Grand Epic battle (comeuppance 2) to liberate the capital Damascus.
Clashes erupted in several parts of the capital especially the eastern part, in Jobar and Qaboun neighborhoods, leading to a high state of alert in Abbasids and Zablatani, where regime forces spreaded heavily in the two neighborhoods and sirens were launched in Abbasids and Khatib areas.

The regime forces blocked all the roads to Abbasid square and the eastern neighborhoods of the capital, and they evacuated the personnel working in the power company near Abbasid parking garage.

The clashes also were renewed in the southern neighborhoods of the capital like, Yarmouk amp, Qadam, and Assali.

Very violent bombardment targeted the neighborhoods of the capital such as Jobar, Qaboun, and yarmouk camp, as well as the Ring Road (Mutahalleq Janoubi).

A ground to ground missile hit Badayer Jadyah area in Jobar neighborhood, causing a tremendous explosion shook most of the capital neighborhoods.

11 people got martyred in Orouba neighborhood in Yarmouk Camp (most of them from Rayyan family) after a shell fell on their house.

The first achievements of the battle::
– FSA fighters destroyed Haramleh army barrier in Jobar neighborhood, which was full of regime forces and thugs.
– FSA fighters attacked tthe regime snipers stationed on “Town Center” Mall on Damascus-Daraa highway.
– FSA carried out a martyrdom operation on the thirtieth street in the Yarmouk Camp that killed a number of regime soldiers.
– The (Athan) calling for prayer was raised for the first time from Harmala ibn al-Walid Mosque in the neighborhood of Jobar after its liberation from the regime forces that occupied it for nearly a year and a half.

[link to yallasouriya.wordpress.com]
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