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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle Marxist
Post Content
Damascus Suburbs, news that regime forces have deployed in the old Mazzeh and residential areas, and are carrying raids near AL Zahra mosque

[link to yallasouriya.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: DoorBert

Hey DoorBert , DO you think Damascus will fall tonight ?!
 Quoting: NDH

It'll take a few days at best.

Assad could mount a counter attack tonight.

Chemical weapons could come out.

What do you think?
 Quoting: DoorBert

Thanks for the response , I'm not really sure ...

Hopefully the chemicals do not come out ...

Didn't the rebels say they wouldn't stop at syria and move to take tel aviv at one point?!

So maybe there might be an Israeli strike on Damascus ?
 Quoting: NDH

Nothing will happen. Assad will go, probably ignominiously, the moon worshipping nutjobs will take the reins and in a years time, the locals will be going, WTF!! was that all about.

Israel will find itself more secure. Islamists as I have said all along, are stupids on steroids. Assad may not have been the brightest, but these boys will make him seem positively 21st centuryish.

Oh well, here's hoping a good dose of Islamic incompetence may one day wake them up from their somnambulance in that region.
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