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Message Subject BREAKING: FSA Formally Announces Battle for Damascus Has Begun. Assad Ready to Talk
Poster Handle ASV
Post Content

Oh I hope not. Assad needs to stay alive & suffer, both physically and psychologically as LONG as possible.

The ugly fuck still owes for 1000+ G.I. who got killed in Iraq because Assad turned Syria into transition-central for global jihadies from all over. Him and of course his IRGC bosses in Teheran.

LOL, the irony those same (Lybian, Egyptian, Pakistani, et al) jihadis he was funneling into Iraq to destabilize it.... now want to impale Assad on a rusty artillery cannon.

I hope they keep him and his brother Maher and tycoon Makhlouf... as well as Assad's father's Old Guard generals still running the show in Syria.... alive for years.
 Quoting: ASV 2643820

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6860

Awww, what's the matter, did I dare shattering the silly illusions & anti-Western propaganda that Assad was some kind of a "fluffy, cuddly secular peace-maker & protector of minorities everywhere???

And not what he ACTUALLY was: a little spoilt sociopath who after his dictator daddy & older brother died, got completely owned by both Iranians & mega-crooks within Alawaite Old-Guard inner-circle, including Makhlouf.

That's right beyotch: Iraq war was gonna be relatively easy until Iran/Syria intervened and made it much more difficult with IED & all sorts of foreigners pouring in. Assad was only too happy to oblige ---> and now as part of ultimate irony, those some jihadi c*nts are coming home to roost.

Why do you think this uprising started in the first place, dumbass? Bad economy got worse; people got tired of getting squeezed by Alawite thugs (Assad's father for instance knew better than to mess with centuries-old Aleppo merchant clains).... and no way Sunni majority was gonna sit idle and take the old shit after witnessing Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia... the West did the rest.
 Quoting: ASV 2643820

In fairness to Assad, everyone uses jihadists these days, even the Chinese in neighbouring India. Rent a stupid is fairly painless proxy muckraking when theres so many of them. Assad made the fatal error of thinking that playing to stupid in periodically prodding Israel was a sensible strategy.

All it needed was for stupid to be unleashed on Assad and I suspect that Israel has milked this cow, not unnaturally.
 Quoting: Marxist

Yes, Assad is not the only one. But he just thought he was so smart & so cute ----> playing both sides, sticking it to the Americans, harassing Israelis through Hamas & Hezbollah....and of course letting his buddies pillage ancient trade communities & Sunni interests that even his father warned him NOT to do in order to not upset the proverbial apple-cart in Aleppo, Daraa, etc.

Arab Spring WAS also, at least in part, bad luck for lots of dictators, including Mubarak, Qaddafi and pretty soon the Mullahs Iran, too. Unlike those aformentioned old-dogs of war, including his older brother who was going to inhereit Syria until his fatal car-accident in the 90s...the feeble-handed London-/Paris educated ophtalmologist Bashar was never made for this. Kinda fell into it after his daddy died. Oh well, cry me a river.

Either way, he still has to pay for (avoidable) G.I. deaths in Iraq. Same for al-Qods commander Suleimani and Mullahs in Iran.

And what REALLY puts it over the top is the 1000 tons of Chemical WMD those Baathist suckcockers have been dilligently stashing away with Soviet/Russia/Iran's help. If not for that game-changer, MAYBE the West & Israel could live with Assad staying in power. In fact, would prefer it... Alas. IF IF IF.

As for Israel taking advantage of it.... better late than never. They're lucky Netanyahu is in charge and not Tsipi Livni who actually won 1 more mandate 4 years ago.

Should be fun, either way.
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